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Tarus 12.20.10 Bridge Style CMM Coordinate Measuring Machine Stock# 220143

Tarus 12.20.10 Bridge Style CMM Coordinate Measuring Machine

Tarus Bridge CMM Model 12.20.10


Year of Mfg: 2020



X Axis: 1200mm

Y Axis: 2000mm

Z Axis: 1000mm

Volumetric Accuracy of: .0067 um

Machine Total Weight: 4900 kg

Max. Part Weight: 2000 kg


Electrical: Single-phase AC, 115/230V, +/- 10%, 50/60 Hz,max. 1000VA.

Pneumatic: Compressed air supply pressure: For Cordimesur & Mega . 8

bar, pre-filtered, quality according to ISO 8573-1: Class 4 or better.

Air consumptiom: 4.2 cfm


Scale & Encoder Details:

Scale Optical scale with 20 micron grating

Encoder Optical Encoder with 0.1 micron Resolution



UCCS5 Plus Controller

SPA 3 Digital Amplifier

MCU5-2 Joystick

Modus Software

MRS2 800MM Leg Kit

RSP3-4 REVO Probe Kit

30mm Ceramic Qualification Sphere

REVO-2 Motorized Probe Head Included


Computer & Software System:

Desktop Computer with latest Intel Processor

27” Dual Widescreen Monitors

Custom Computer Workstation Table

Open I++ Protocol or direct



Battery Backup/Surge Protector



Machine Comes with:

Installation (Buyer Responsible For Shipping, Site Prep, & Rigging)


Training (Classroom Software Training, 3-Day Training for 1 Individual

at Customer Facility)

Two Year Complete System Warranty

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