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Haas DT-2 CNC Vertical Drill & Tap Machine Stock# 220572

Haas DT-2 Vertical CNC Drill & Tap  Machine

Haas DT-2 CNC Vertical Drill and Tap Center

Year of mfg: 2018

** As Of February 2024, Cutting Time - 3,152 Hours


CNC Control: Haas Next Gen
Table: 34" x 15"
X-Axis: 28"
Y-Axis: 16"
Z-Axis: 15.5"
Spindle Speed: 15,000 rpm
Spindle Taper: BT 30
Tool Capacity (Atc): 20

Equipped With:

Haas Nextgen Control
Haas Trt100 Dual-Axis Tilting Rotary Table (Allows For Full 5-Axis & 3+2 Machining)
5th Axis Drive & Wiring
4th Axis Drive & Wiring
Renishaw Wireless Intuitive Probing System (Wips)
Through-Spindle Coolant (300 Psi)
Side-Mount Tool Changer (20 Atc)
15,000 Rpm Spindle
Chip Auger (Rear-Lift)
Automatic Air Gun
Rotary Brake Booster
Rotary Axis Calibration Tool
Dynamic Work Offsets & Tool Center Point Control
Visual Part Programming System
Coordinate Rotation & Scaling
Medial Display M-Code (M130)
High-Speed Machining
Spindle Orientation
Rigid Tapping
Early Power-Failure Detection Module
Haasconnect (Remote Monitoring)
Wifi Connection
Usb Port
1gb Memory
Approximately (30) Bt30 Tool Holders

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