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Accurshear 8-250-12 Hydraulic Plate Shear  Stock# 219849

Accurshear 8-250-12 Hydraulic Plate Shear 

1/4" x 12' Accurshear 8-250-12 Hydro-Mechanical Shear 


Year of Mfg: 1990

Capacity: 1/4" 

Maximum cutting length: 12’ 

Rake angle: ¼” per foot 

Gap adjustment: Manual quick set

Strokes per minute: 14 full , 45 short 

Number of hold downs: 19 

Hold down force: 14 tons 

Blade size: 1” x 3” x 148” 

Backgauge range: 36” with auto swing up 

Main motor: 20 HP 

Electrics: 220/440 volt 

Table height: 31” 

Approximate dimensions without gauges: 155” x 95” x 81” 

Approximate weight: 22,000 lbs. 


Equipped With: FOPBG with auto swing up, digital readout, hand wheel for fine adjustment 6’ squaring arm (2) 24” support arms, New set of 4 edged blades, 3 position foot switch, Side frame gaps for slitting,

Shadow light and line, Adjustable stroke, Oil cooler, Hand slots in table, Auto cycle for continuous stroking, Manual quick blade clearance adjustment 

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