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Takamaz XY-120 CNC Swiss Style Lathe Stock# 220561

Takamaz XY-120 CNC Swiss Style Lathe

Takamaz XY-120 6 Axis Swiss Style CNC Lathe         

Year of Mfg: 2004

CNC Control: Fanuc 18i-TB
X Axis: 5.9"
Z Axis: 12.99"
Y Axis: 2.36"
Spindle Speed: 4,500 rpm
Spindle Bore: 2.05"
Turret: 12 Station

Equipped With:


Fanuc 18i-TB with Manual Guide I Conversation Programming 
12-Station Turret 
4 Axial and 2 Radial Live Tool Blocks 
Static Tooling Blocks 
"    5 Boring 
"    4 O.D. Double Holders (facing both Main and Sub) 
"    1 Cutoff Holder 
2.05 Thru Bore 
6" Three Jaw Chuck on Main Spindle Sub-Spindle 
16C Collet Chuck (can accept up to 5" MultiJaw) 
Matching 16C Collet Chuck also included for Main 
Parts Catcher and Part Conveyor Chip Conveyor 
All Available Books and Manuals 
Assorted 16 Collets and Hard-Soft Jaws included 


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