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Droop & Rein FOGS 3060 C 5 Axis Vertical CNC High Speed Gantry Mill Stock# 220239

Droop & Rein FOGS 3060 5 Axis CNC Vertical Machining Center - Gantry Mill

Droop & Rein FOGS 30 60 C 5 Axis CNC Gantry Mill


Year of Mfg: 2013


CNC Control: Fidia X-Power C20/M-FF 5 simultaneous axes (X, Y, Z, B

and C)


Table: 118.11" x 236.22"

Table Surface from floor: 13.78"

Table load max. 66,138 lbs.



- X-axis (cross rail): 267.71"

- Y-axis (cross slide): 118.11"

- Z-axis (milling ram vertical): 59.05"

- C-axis (rotation fork-type head: 360 Deg.

- B-axis (swivel milling spindle): +/- 115 Deg.



Spindle Speed: Up to 20,000 rpm

Spindle Torque: max. 65 Nm

Spindle Motor: 20 kW

Spindle Taper: HSK A63

Toolchanger: 30 ATC


Main Dimensions:

RAM section: 23.62" x 24.8"

Horizontal clearance between columns: 161"

Vertical clearance clamping plate to cross rail approx.: 94.49"

Distance Table to spindle centre line by horizontal spindle: 27.56" to


Distance Table to spindle nose by vertical motor spindle: 10.63" to


Distance Table to spindle centre by vertical motor spindle: 7.87" to



Feed Rates:

Forward feed:

X, Y, & Z Axes: up to 1181 ipm

Rapid feed:

X, Y & Z Axes: up to 1574 ipm

C & B axis: 4.320 degrees/min


Machine weight approx. 210,000 lbs.


Operating voltage: 480 V, 60 Hz

Network configuration: TN-C

Electrical supply requirement approx.: 120 kVA

Compressed-air connection: min. 6 bar

Air consumption: 25 m3/h


Equipped With:


Integrated, NC-controlled 5-axis fork-type head,

for adaption of milling spindles and motor milling spindles

Heidenhain Scales on X,Y,Z Axes

Heidenhain Rotary Measuring Systems on C and B Axes

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