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Haas TL-1 CNC Lathe Stock# 220528

Haas TL-1 CNC Lathe

Haas TL-1 CNC Lathe.


Year of Mfg: 2012 ** Less than 200 Cutting Hours!**


CNC Control: Haas


X-Axis: 8"

Z-Axis: 30"

Swing Over Front Apron: 16"

Swing Over Cross Slide: 9.5"

Chuck Size: 8"

Max Cutting Diameter: 16"

Max Cutting Length: 30"

Distance Between Centers: 30"

Max Spindle Speed: 2000 Rpm

Spindle Motor: 7.5 Hp

Max Torque: 100ft-Lbs @ 375 Rpm

Spindle Nose: A2-5

Spindle Bore: 2.31"

Rapid Traverse Rates: 75x/ 150z Ipm

Machine Weight: 4,100 Lbs.

Machine Dimensions: L: 83.2" X W: 54.4" X H: 78"


Equipped With:


3 jaw 8" chuck with hard and soft jaws.

Tool post and holders (tools in holders are not included)

Tail stock

Coolant system

Ridged Tapping

Spindle bore work stop

Conversational programing

Manual Handwheels for Direct Input

Runs on single or 3 phase power

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