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Haas ST-20 CNC Lathe Stock# 220518

Haas ST-20 CNC Lathe

Haas ST-20 CNC Lathe    


Year of Mfg: 2019

Hours as of October 2023:

Power On: 9,675
Cycle Start: 2,665
Feed Cutting: 2,104

CNC Control: Haas NextGen
Max Turning Length: 22.5"
Max Swing: 21.0"
Max Cutting Diameter: 11.8"
X-Axis: 8.4"
Z-Axis: 22.5"
Rapid Rate Z-Axis: 945 IPM
Rapid Rate X-Axis: 472 IPM
Bar Capacity: 2.50"
Chuck Size: 10"
Spindle Bore: 3.5"
Spindle Speed: 4,000 RPM
Spindle Motor: 20 HP
Turret Tools: 12 Station

Coolant Capacity: 55 gal

Approx Dimensions: 143" x 90" x 87"
Approx Weight: 10,500 Lbs.

Equipped With:

Haas NextGen CNC Control
Programmable Hydraulic Tailstock
Automatic Tool Pre-setter
Visual Part Programming System
Belt-Type Chip Conveyor & Chip Tray
Parts Catcher System
Internal High-Voltage Isolation Transformer (380-480: 220V)
10" 3-Jaw Hydraulic Chuck Upgrade
Enclosure Exhaust System


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