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Haas VF-3 CNC Vertical Machining Center Stock# 220196

Haas VF-3 CNC Vertical Machining Center

Haas VF-3 CNC Vertical Machining Center


Year of Mfg: 2016


CNC Control: Haas

Table Area: 54" x 24"

Table Capacity: 3,500 LB


X-Axis: 40"

Y-Axis: 20"

Z-Axis: 25"

Spindle Speed: 15,000 RPM Inline Direct Drive

Spindle Taper: CT 40

Spindle Motor: 30 HP

Spindle Nose To Table: 4.2" - 29.2"

Tools: 40 + 1 ATC


Rapid X,Y,Z: 710 ipm

Cutting: 500 ipm


Approx. Overall Weight: 13,000 LB


Equipped With:


4th & 5th Axis Drive

8 Spare M Functions

Automatic Air Gun

Second Home Position

Intuitive Probing System (Renishaw)

Through-Spindle Coolant (300 psi)

Multi-Auger Chip Conveyor System

Programmable Coolant Nozzle

CNC Control Cabinet Cooler

15,000 rpm Inline Spindle

Through-Tool Air Blast

Minimum Quantity Lubrication System

Expanded Memory 64GB

Dynamic Work Offsets and Tool Center Point Control

Auto Door Mill

40+1 Side Mount Tool Changer

NGC Control

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