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SMW/AUTO Autoblok/SMW Model AXN 210 Automatic Index Chuck Stock# 220459

SMW/AUTO Autoblok/SMW Model AXN 210 Automatic Index Chuck

SMW/AUTO Autoblok/SMW Model AXN 210 (8.26") diameter Automatic Index



Year of Mfg: 2016


Complete with spindle adaptor, 4 x 90 indexing, constant oil lubricated internal components and constant automatic in-process controls for safe machining.


Chuck to mount on a Doosan lathe.

        SMW/AUTO Autoblok/SMW manifold assembly,

        tube bundle with prox.switches and cables.

        SMW/AUTO Autoblok/SMW Hydraulic and PLC


Unit includes external housing containing all

 electrical and hydraulic components. Hydraulic unit will provide power to the AXN chuck only and have no impact on the machine hydraulic unit.

All Electrical connections will terminate at a pre-wired plug for easy connect and disconnect from the machine control.


Used in conjunction with a 2016 Doosan Lynx 220LSCYC the Autoblok Chuck and Hydraulic Unit were used to produce 2 P/No.s made from 316

Stainless and has been used for 2,760 hours in a Precision Production Machine Shop.

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