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Accurl GeniusPro 150 Ton x 10' CNC Press Brake  Stock# 220120

Accurl GeniusPro 150 Ton x 10' CNC Press Brake

Accurl Genius Pro 10' x 150 Ton Hydraulic CNC Press Brake


Year of Mfg: 2020


CNC Control: Delem DA58T 5 Axis Y1-Y2-X-R & Crowning

Bending forc: 150 Tons

Bending length: 128"

Distance between columns: 106"

Beam Stroke: 7.87"

Daylight: 18.7"

Throat Depth: 15.7"

Table width: 4.7"

Working table height: 35.6"



Fast Speed: 425 ipm

Work Speed: 24 ipm

Return Speed: 378 ipm



Max Speed X-axis: 828 ipm

Max Travel X- Axis: 31.4"

Finger Block: 2 Pieces



Hydraulic pressure: 275 Bar

Motor Power: 15 HP

Oil Tank Capacity: 68 Gallons


Overall Weight: 26,420 lbs.


Equipped With:


Delem DA58 Touch control system (2D), CNC Crowning,

DSP Laser Safety Protection, Top & bottom Sectionalized tooling with

quick clamp system,

Rear Laser curtains,  Hoerbiger Hydraulics, Siemens motor &


This brake is also equipped with a Y1/Y2 cylinder ram configuration.

(+/- 0.0003" Ram Repeat)

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