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Toyoda GL5A 63 CNC Anglehead Grinder

Toyoda GL5A 63 CNC Anglehead Grinder

New 2002 

12.6" Swing
24.8 " Distance Between Centers
Set-up as 20” Diameter x 5” Wide Wheel Size 
10 HP Grinding Wheel Motor
Programmable NC Tailstock
GC32 CNC Control  


Completely disassemble, clean, and inspect the machine components.  

Replace “plain head” wheel slide with rebuilt “angle head” wheel slide

The table and wheel slide guide ways will be scraped to restore "new machine" alignments. Turcite will be applied to way surfaces where required. If needed, the swivel table will be ground.  

Re-establish centerline height between grinding wheel spindle, headstock, and footstock centers.  

Refurbish Dead Spindle Workhead. Replace bearings, seals, and belts. Re-groove pulleys if required.
Inspect servo motor, and make any required repairs.  

Refurbish Footstock. Replace bearings, seals, and scraper. Rebuild ballscrew. 

Refurbish Wheelhead. Inspect wheel spindle, bearings, and orifices. Clean spindle lube system, inclu
ing reservoir, piping, etc. Replace spindle oil filter element. Replace drive belts. Repair or repla
e Wheelhead front way covers. Replace front rubber cover (over front way cover). 

Refurbish Wheelhead Feed System. Inspect ballscrew, support bearings, servo motor, and coupling, make any required repair/replacement. Replace way wipers as needed.

Refurbish Table Feed. Inspect ballscrew, support bearings, servo motor, and coupling, make any requi
ed repair/replacement. Repair table way covers as needed. Replace rubber skirting. Replace way wiper
as needed.

Refurbish Hydraulic/Lube System. Clean inside of reservoir. Clean and flush metal hydraulic lines an
manifolds. Replace hydraulic hoses and tubing as required. Replace lube filter element. 

Paint machine.

Start up and verify function.

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