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Tarus TBM5-TF CNC Vertical 5 Axis Gantry Mill Stock# 220107

Tarus TBM5-TF CNC Vertical 5 Axis Gantry Mill

Tarus TBM5-TF CNC 5 Axis Vertical Gantry Mill


Year of Mfg: 2020 (Showroom Demo Machine)


CNC Control: Heidenhain TNC 640

Table Area: 116.7" x 154" (2964mm x 3912mm)

Table Load Capacity: 100,000 lbs.


X Axis: 143.98" (3657mm)

Y Axis: 120" (3048mm)

Z Axis: 45.98" (1168mm)

A Axis: +/- 110 degrees

C Axis: +/- 360 degrees

Distance Between Columns: 171.97" (4368mm)

Max. Daylight Under Spindel: 50" (1280mm)

Maximum Feedrate: 1692 ipm (43 m per min.)

Spindle: Fischer Cartridge Style

Spindle Taper: HSK A63

Spindle Speed: 20,000 rpm

Spindle Motor: 41.57 HP (31kW)

Spindle Torque: 101.78 ft. lbs. (148nM)

Tools: 49 ATC


Equipped With:


High Pressure Coolant System and Front Mounted Coolant Tank

Retractable Roof System

Mist Collection


Overall Height:

Installed in Pit: 203" (5156mm)

Installed above Floor: 215.98" (5486mm)


Construction Features:


- Machine structure is welded steel plate. Ribbed and Boxed

Structures, fabricated and machined by TARUS in the USA

- X, Y and Z Axes are Ballscrew driven (76.2 mm diameter, 10 mm pitch)

with Liquid Cooled Torque Motors directly coupled to Ball-nuts

- Linear Bearing Rails on All Axes


TRAMEC Fork Style Milling Head and Fischer Spindle:


- Fork Style Milling Head, Torque Motor Direct Drive, Hydraulic

Clamping, Cartridge Spindle

- A Axis Peak Positioning Force is 960 Nm, C Axis is 960 Nm

- A Axis Clamping Force is 3000 Nm, C axis is 3000 Nm

- Spindle: FISCHER Cartridge, HSKA63, 20,000 RPM, 31kW, 148Nm (S6)

- Spindle Liquid Cooled Water Jacket, Air / Oil Bearing Lubrication

- Compressed Air through Spindle

- MQL ports next to spindle


CNC System:


- TARUS will equip this machine with the Heidenhain TNC 640 CNC and

all options needed for this

particular machine and the process.

- Heidenhain Servo Drives and Absolute Position Scales

- Heidenhain Wireless Measuring Probe for Spindle

- Heidenhain Wireless Tool Length Measurement Probe

- Full integration of CNC and Machine including PLC Programming

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