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NTC TLV-510 2000 Watt Laser Stock# 220100

NTC TLV-510 2000 Watt Laser 

NTC TLV-510 2000 Watt Laser


Year of Mfg: 2008


CNC Control: Fanuc 16i-LB

Laser Capapcity: 2000 Watts

Table Area: 5' x 10'

Table Height: 36"


X Axis: 122"

Y Axis: 61"

Z Axis: 12"

Focal Length of Lens: 5"

Rapid Feed Rate (X,Y): 1,181 ipm

Rapid Feed Rate (Z): 393 ipm

Cutting Feed Rate (X,Y): 787 ipm


Equipped With:


Dual Shuttle Table

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