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Nakamura Tome WT-300 CNC Multitasking Lathe Stock# 220104

Nakamura Tome WT-300 CNC Multitasking Lathe

Nakamura Tome WT- 300 CNC Multitasking Lathe


Year of Mfg: 2015, Installed 2016


CNC Control: NT SMARTx Control

Swing Over Slides: 10.63”

Maximum turning diameter: 10.63"

Maximum turning length: 30.71"

L&R Spindles Speeds: 4500 RPM

L&R Spindle Nose: A2-6

L&R Hole Through Draw Tube: 2.598”

L&R Spindle Bore: 3.15”

C-Axis Least Input / Command Increment: .001 Deg

C-Axis Rotation Speed: 600 IPM

Turret Type (Upper / Lower): Dodecagonal / Dodecagonal

Turret No. of Tool Stations: Upper 24 / Lower 24

Rotating Tool Speeds: 3600 RPM

Slide Travel X1 / X2 Axes: 7.68”

Slide Travel Z1 / Z2 Axes: 30.71”

Slide Travel B2 Axis: 33.46”

Rapid Traverse X1 / X2 Axes: 630 IPM

Rapid Traverse Z1 / Z2 Axes: 1063 IPM

Rapid Traverse B2 Axis: 1063 IPM

Rapid Traverse Y Axis: 236 IPM

Spindle Motors L,R: 20/15 HP


Machine Weight 30,900 lbs

Overall Floor Space (lathe only): 166' l X 99" w X 89" H


Equipped With:


N-T Tool Setter

Rohm High Precision Live Center

High Pressure Coolant Pumps 300 PSI


LNS Barfeeder Servo S80 Barfeeding

Y-Axis Upper Turret

Sub Spindle


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