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Milltronics RH35 XP Vertical CNC Machining Center Stock# 219742

Milltronics RH35 XP Vertical CNC Machining Center

Milltronics RH35 XP Vertical CNC Machining Center Rigid Head Bed Mill


Year of Mfg: 2006 


CNC Control: Centurion 7 

Table Area: 126" x 32" 

Travels: X Axis: 120" Y Axis: 35" Z Axis: 30" 

Table Capacity: 5,000 lbs. 

Spindle Taper: CAT 50 

Spindle Motor: 24/15 HP 

Spindle Speeds: 50 to 8,000 rpm (2 Speed Gearbox Option) 

Rapid Traverse (All Axis): 500 ipm 

Feedrate: 300 ipm 

Tools: 20 ATC 


Overall Machine Weight: 40,000 lbs. 

Overall Machine Dimensions: 300" L x 116" W 


Equipped With: 

- Gearbox 4:1 

- Milltronics 10" 4th Axis, 360° rotary with Tailstock 

- Spindle Load Meter 

- Engraving, Helical Interpolation, Auto Routines, and User definable Macros with Trig Assist 

- Coordinate Rotating, Scaling, Mirror Image, Thread Mill - Irregular Pocket Clearing 

- 8 Mb Program Execution Memory with Large Program Management Software 

- 3.5" Floppy Drive 

- LCD Hour Meter 

- Front Panel Mounted Electronic Handwheel plus Handwheel Controlled Program Execution 

- Additional 10 Mb Parts Storage Memory (12 Mb total) - Six Nozzle High Volume Multi Height Flood Coolant System with Through Head Cooling and Flow Valve 

- End of Cycle Light 

- Single Spare "M" Function and CNC "Wait" Channel 

- Coolant Drip Pan 

- Rear Splash Guards 

- Upgrade to 2 speed 24/15 HP 18/11 kw Closed Loop Spindle Drive System 

- Programmable Spray Mist On/Off 

- Remote Handwheel Unit 

- Work Lamp 

- Solid State, Non-Volatile, Memory Upgrade to 256 Mb - Additional 16 Mb Program Execution Memory (Allows editing of 10 Mb programs) 

- "S" Curve Accel/Decel Ramp Modifier with Feed Forward and Look-Ahead for High Speed Machining or 3D Milling 

- Multi Format Flash Memory Card Device 

- Auto Import of DXF Files Conversion Software

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