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Messer Promaster 2 Plasma Cutter Stock# 219840

Messer Promaster 2 Plasma Cutter

Messer ProMaster II CNC Plasma Cutter 


Year of Mfg: 2002 


Maximum Cutting Width: 6’ 

Maximum Cutting Length: 12’ 

Cutting Capacity: 1” 

Voltage/Phase/HZ (Machine): 460/480V, 1ph, 60Hz

Voltage/Phase/HZ (Plasma): 460/480V, 3ph, 60Hz 


Equipped with: Navigator Celeron 7 PC based CNC Control, Integrated operator switch panel, Three axis standard to six axis, Graphical user interface (GUI), 10.4” VGA color LCD (Active Matrix),

Operates in windows 98,

Extensive standard shape library, File access on both CNC and Front-office PC, Hypertherm HyDefinition (HD4070) Plasma System with auto gas console,

Messer PL-1 plasma torch height control,

Torchguard collision sensor,

Pneumatic Drill (1/4” Hole capacity in ½” material)

Table slats not included

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