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Makino F5 FX-R CNC Vertical Machining Center Stock# 219576

Makino F5 FX-R CNC Vertical Machining Center

Makino F5 CNC Vertical 5 Axis Machining Center 


Year of Mfg: 2010 Installed 2011 


Power On Hours: 42,119 (As of 2/16) 

Runtime Hours: 16,149 (As of 2/16) 


CNC Control: Pro 5 

Table Size: 39.4" x 19.7"


X Axis: 35.4" 

Y Axis: 19.7"

Z Axis: 17.7" 

Spindle Taper: HSK 63A 

Spindle Speed: Up to 20,000 rpm 

Rapid Traverse Rate: 787 ipm 

Cutting Feed Rate: 787 ipm 

Maximum Table Payload: 1,432 lbs 

Tool Capacity: 30 ATC 


Equipped With: Thru Spindle Coolant (400 PSI max), Chip Blaster, Blum Laser, Koma TN161-M 5th Axis Trunion Table (Makino Spec) -30 Deg. to 110 Deg., Nozzle Coolant, Rear Coolant Tank with Chip Augers, Super Geometric Intelligence Control (SGI.4), Data Center (160 MB), Part Program Storage (160 Meters), Program Numbers (120), Rigid Tapping, Helical Interpolation, Programming Data Input (G10), Tool Offset Pairs (64 Total), Tool Offset Memory C, Cutter Compensation C

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