LaserStar Technologies 8700-3 Fiber Laser Welding Workstation Stock# 220105

LaserStar Technologies 8700-3 Fiber Laser Welder Workstation

LaserStar Technologies 8700-3 Fiber Laser Welding Workstation With

Universal Jig


Year of Mfg: 2018 *MINT CONDITION*


FiberStar Lasing System: Class 4

Beam Delivery: Fiber

Wavelength: 1070nm

Operating Mode: Pulse or Continuous Wave (CW)

Output Power: 150 Watt, 1.5kw

              300 Watt, 3.0k

              450 Watt, 4.5 kW

Polarization: Random

M2: 2.0 - 15.0

Pulse Length: 0.2 - 20 Milli-seconds

Pulse Frequency: 0,5 - 20 Hz

Burst (Count) Mode: 1 - 25 pulses

Beam Diameter: > 25 micron

Cooling System: Internal Forced Air / Optional External Chiller

Cooling Capacity/ Run Time: 24 Hour / Continuous

Binocular Microscope: 15x (optional 25x, 40x)

Parameter Adjustment Features: External Touchscreen

Programming Memory: 79 Text Cells

Language Display Options: English

Shield Gas Supply: Outlet

Inert Gas Welding Adjust Valve: Dual - Integrated

Approx. Weight (Unpackaged): 750 lbs / 340 Kg


Equipped With:


Rotates and Tilts in Almost Any Direction

T-Slotted 14 3/4" x 19 3/4" Table

Rigid Yet Mobile Frame

Complete Turnkey Solution

Multi Axis Travel Distances

X/Y Joystick Control

Foot Pedal for Z Axis Control

Operator Interface Terminal


The Universal Jig Fiber Laser Welding Workstation offers a significant, competitive advantage for today’s operators looking to unleash the power of hot light, benefit from a comfortable, ergonomic design and ensure optimal platform flexibility for the widest range of on-site mold repair welding applications.


FiberStar Fiber Laser Welding Systems are ideal for a wide range of complex alloys and applications including:


Medical Device Components

Spot Welding

Seam Welding

Mold Repair Welding

Micro Welding

Battery Welding

Computer Components

Aerospace and Electronics

Automotive and Micro Components


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