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HK FS3015 Fiber Laser Falcon Series Stock# 220099

HK FS3015 Fiber Laser Falcon Series

4000 Watt HK FS3015 Falcon Fiber Laser


Year of Mfg: 2018


Beam On Hours: 4,444 as of 5/2020


CNC Control: Siemens Sinumerik 800

Capacity: 4,000 Watts

Table Area: 5' x 10' (Dual Shuttle Tables)

Max. Cutting Area: 121" x 61"

Positioning Speed: 4200 ipm

Max. Feed Rate (simultaneous): 5,511 ipm

Max. Cutting Speed: 1,102 ipm

Cutting Head: Lasermech

Head Sensing: Non-contact capacitive

Focal Length: 5.9"

Max. Material Thickness:

Mild Steel: .750"

Stainless: .375"

Aluminum: .300"


Overall Machine Weight: 34,000 lbs.


Equipped With:


19" Touch Screen

Keller Dust Collector

USB & Ethernet

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