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Haas ST10 CNC Lathe Stock# 220221

Haas ST10 CNC Lathe

Haas ST-10 CNC Lathe


Year of Mfg: 2013


Max Swing Diameter: 16.5"


X Axis: 7.9"

Z Axis: 16"

Feed Rates:

Rapids on X,Z: 1200 ipm

Max Capacity: 14" x 16"

Max Bar Capacity: 1.75"

Spindle: 6000 RPM

Spindle Motor: 15 HP

Spindle Nose: A2-5

Tools: 12 Station Bolt on Tool Turret (Accepts .75" Turning Sticks)

Chuck: 6.5" Hydraulic Chuck

Electrics: 220 V, Phase 3, 50/60 Hz


Equipped With:


Tool Pre-Setter


Hennig Chip Conveyor

USB Port

Standard Program Memory: 1 GB for Storage and Backup

Coolant Tank: 30 Gallon with 3/4 hp

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