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Haas DS-30Y CNC Lathe Stock# 220606

Haas DS-30Y CNC Lathe

Haas DS-30Y CNC Lathe        

Year of Mfg: 2019

Hours (as of March 2024):

Power On: 20,591

CNC Control: Haas Next Gen
Max. Part Swing: 21"
Max. Cutting Diameter: 13.75"
Max. Cutting Length: 32.5"
Bar Capacity: 3"
Distance Between Centers: 32.5"
X Axis: 9.4"
Y Axis: +/- 2"
Z Axis: 32.5"
Rapid Feed: 472 ipm X,Y 945 ipm Z
Main Spindle Motor: 30 HP
Main Spindle Speed: 4,500 rpm
Spindle Bore: 3.5"
Main Spindle Chuck: 10"
Secondary Spindle Chuck: 8.3"
Turret: 12 Station
Live Tooling: 6,000 rpm (upgraded option)

Overall Approx. Weight: 12,000 lbs.

Equipped With:

Chip Conveyor
Tool Setter
Parts Catcher
Spindle liner kit
6k rpm live tool option
USB service key
Spare 300psi coolant pump
10”/8” chucks
1 radial
3 axial live holders
All tool blocks for main/sub turning
BMT65 turret
HID Lighting
Mist Collector

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