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Fanuc Robocut Alpha OiB CNC Wire EDM Stock# 220006


Fanuc Robocut Alpha OiB CNC Wire EDM

Fanuc Robocut Alpha OiB Wire EDM


Year of Mfg: 2003


CNC Control: Fanuc 180is-WB

Table Size: 12"x8"

Max Workpeice Weight: 1,000 lbs

Max Workpiece Size: 26" x 17" x 7"


X Axis: 12.6"

Y Axis: 8.7"

Z Axis: 10"

U / V Axis: +/- 2.364"

Taper Capacity: +/- 26 Deg. In 4"

Wire Diameters: .004"-.012"

Dielectric Capacity: 127 Gallon


Machine Dimensions: 78" x 77" x 78"

Machine Weight: 3,900 lbs


Equiped with:


Fanuc High Speed Digital AC Power Supply


Digital AC Servo Motors

Absolute Postion Detection System

Automatic Wire Feed System

Anti Crash Protection X,Y,U,V,Z

12.1" Color LCD

AL Function

Hand Held Pendant

Quick Conversational Programming

Ethernet, PCMCIA Slot & Floppy Drive

Automatic Restart

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