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Fadal VMC 6030 CNC Vertical Machining Center Stock# 220030

Fadal VMC 6030 CNC Vertical Machining Center

Fadal VMC 6030 Vertical CNC Machining Center


Year of Mfg: 1995

New Spindle 2019

New Z and X Axis Motors 2019

New LCD Screeen 2019

New Ballscrews 2018


CNC Control: Fadal 32MP

Table Size: 62.5" X 30"

Table Capacity: 4,120 Lbs


X Axis: 60"

Y Axis: 30"

Z Axis: 30"

Rapid Traverse (X,Y,Z): 400 ipm

Spindle Nose to Table: 5.5" TO 35.5"

Spindle Speed: 10 - 10,000 RPM

Spindle Taper:  No. 40

ATC, Number of Tools: 21


Equipped With:


Flood Coolant

Full Enclosure

Remote Handwheel

Hydro Sweep System


Machine Dimentions:    158"W X 103"D X 122"H

Weight: 17,000 LBS

Electrics: 230/440v 3Ph 60 Hz

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