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Ermak Power Bend Pro 66 Ton x 55" Press Brake Stock# 220067

Ermak Power Bend Pro 66 Ton x 55" Press Brake

Ermak Power Bend Pro 50" x 66 Ton Hydraulic Press Brake


Year of Mfg: 2017


Tonnage: 66 tons

Bending length: 50"

Distance between housings: 39.4"

Throat depth: 16.1"

Stroke: 10.8"

Daylight: 16.9"

Free down speed: 472 IPM

Bending speed: 33 IPM

Return speed: 390 IPM

Backgauge range: 31.5"

Table height: 35.4"

Bed cap width: 3.5"

Hydraulic oil capacity: 39 gallons

Ram clamps: American or European


Main motor: 15 H.P.

Voltage: 220 / 440 volt 3 phase

Dimensions: 88.6" x 77.2" x 108.3"

Weight: 9,151 Lbs.


Equipped with:


Cybelec Cybtouch 12 PS 2D graphical touch screen control (Hand drawing

touch profile function, USB drive, Wireless capable, Easybend mode,

Bend allowance calculation, Angle and backgauge correction)

4-axis CNC (Y1, Y2, X, R)

Adjustable height pendent control arm

Hardened and ground Rolleri segmented upper tooling and 4-way die

included (appears to be new)

Knee gap with adjustable work desk

Quick release ram clamps

Hoerbiger hydraulic system

Heidenhein linear scales

Akas laser light guard

Rear guard with safety switch

Side guards with safety switch

Portable foot pedal with dual palm buttons

Synchronized hydraulic system

Siemens electric system

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