DEA Gamma 1203 CMM Coordinate Measuring Machine Stock# 219641

DEA Gamma 1203 CMM Coordinate Measuring Machine

DEA Gamma 1203 Coordinate Measuring Machine - CMM 


Year of Mfg: Early 2000's 


Control: DEA Tutor P Logics 

Probe: Renishaw PH9A 

Granite Surface Plate: 47" W x 88" L x 12" H 

Max. Part Weight On Surface Plate: 2,200 lbs. 

Measuring Range: 

X Axis: 40" 

Y Axis: 59" 

Z Axis: 26" 

Overall Machine Weight: 4,000 lbs. 

Overall Machine Dimensions: 107" L x 72" W x 114" H 


Equipped With: Dell PC System, DEA - TU01 Joy Stick Controller, Renishaw PH9A Probe System with a PHC9-MK2 Probe Head Console, Speedaire Air Pressure System