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Datron M8 Cube CNC Machining Center Stock# 220612

Datron M8 Cube CNC Machining Center

Datron M8 Cube CNC Machining Center  


Year of Mfg: 2019

CNC Control: Datron Next
Machining Area: 39" x 27.5" x 7.5"
X Axis: 40"
Y Axis: 33"
Z Axis: 10"
Spindle Speed: 2 kW 
Feeds: Up to 22 m/min (866 in/min)
Tool Changer: Up to 143 stations automatic tool changer

Footprint: 69” x 69” x 77” H
Weight    approx.: 2,866 lbs.

Machine Features:

Machining Table  Polymeric concrete table with a cut out option for vertical part mounting
Touch Screen Control
Self-locating inserts for workholding pallets integrated into the table
Easy-to-use hand-held control unit 
Direct drive system:
Brushless servo motors with absolute encoders, ball-screw spindle 
for each axis
Includes Busch MM1202 Vacuum Pump


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