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Cincinnati 175CB10 CNC Press Brake Stock# 220071

Cincinnati 175CB10 CNC Press Brake

Cincinnati CB175 x 10 Hydraulic Press Brake


Year of Mfg: 1985



Capacity: 175 Ton

Overall Length of Bed: 12'

Distance Betweem Housings: 10'6"

Stroke: 10"

Max. Open Height: 17"

Max. Closed Height: 7"

Throat Depth: 8"

Bed Width: 4.5"

Ram and Bed Milled and Drilled: YES

Floor Standing: YES

Depth Control: YES


Approx. Overall Dimensions: 12' L x 6" W x 10'3.5"

Approx. Overall Weight: 25,000 lbs.


Equipped With:


Palm Button Stand

Electric Foot Pedal


This machine has been taken care of extremely well by the original owner. Used primarily on 10GA applications for architectural sheet metal. Only reason machine is being sold is that customer upgraded to new CNC machine.

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