Axile Smart Technology

Smart Machining Technology™, Axile Reliability Technology™ (ART), Industry 4.0

Smart Machining Technology™ (SMT)

High-speed and 5-axis technologies pursue lower manufacturing costs for complex products, but they also represent some serious challenges for accuracy and reliability. Buffalo Machinery who produces Axile dedicated almost a decade to research the necessary knowledge to dominate such technologies. The patented Smart Machining Technology in conjunction with the expertise of experienced machine operators can produce the upmost productivity and machining accuracy. These intelligent functions provide user friendly operation and the optimum machine efficiency.








Axile Reliability Technology™ (ART)

Axile embraces Industrie 4.0 and is developing its own technologies called ART. The main components of the machine will be equipped with sensors that collect relevant data such as vibration, acceleration or temperature, to monitor working conditions in real-time. With the capability of completeness diagnosis and analysis on mahcine, and in-time maintenance service, ART ensures the high reliability products which can always meet customers satisfication.


Energy Management (EM)


Manufacturing Process (MP)


Reliability Maintenance (RM)

Industry 4.0


Embracing Industry 4.0

The AXILE Symposium was held at Taipei Garden Hotel on March 3rd 2019 with the theme of "How Industry 4.0 Can Enhance Profitable Productivity". There were 50 participants, including AXILE global distributors and suppliers. The symposium was organized by Buffalo Machinery with an aim to highlight the importance of Industry 4.0 and its practical use. Buffalo Machinery released its updated products and technology and demonstrated the easy access platform of ARTTM system. Buffalo Machinery was very honored to have the keynote speakers from Siemens, Schaeffler, and Heidenhain share their updated information and technology about Industry 4.0 and its benefits.


At the beginning of symposium, Buffalo Machinery updated the AXILE product news, including high-end 5X products G series and DC12, followed by the presentation and demonstration of AXLIE Reliability Technology, the ARTTM system, which is a great solution to machine reliability, predictability, and automation. The AXILE machine with ARTTM technology can always facilitate management with productivity enhancement and service cost reduction. For example, with ARTTM system, users can predict the future condition of the machine, thus, it can minimize the machine downtime, decrease maintenance cost and optimize machine performance.


At the symposium, Mr. Tino Hildebrand, the Vice President of Siemens Taiwan presented “Embracing Industry 4.0 and Transform towards a Digital Future with Siemens”. And the Specialist of application and industrial automation from Schaeffler, Mr. Adrian Loeber shared with the audiences “Boost Productivity and save costs by Schaeffler Industry 4.0 products.” Also, two top managers from Heidenhain, Mr. Thomas Gsodl presented the “Machine tool integrated in modern manufacturing environment” while Mr. Peter Topol demonstrated the benefit from innovative machining with the TNC 640 for aerospace production tasks. All presentations attracted a lot of attention from the audiences and brought out very actively discussions.