Axile Machinery

AXILE, /’æksail/, stands for “agile”

G Series

The Axile G series is built with high-tech components, linear scales, and the highest level controllers as standard, featuring the perfect U-shape closed-guideway design with spindle moved by 3 linear axes and table moved by swiveling rotary axes. The double symmetric and synchronized axes provide best dynamic for the gantry no matter the position for the machining force. 


High-class built-in spindles are also standard to provide the machines with the power and torque needed in 

high-speed, high-performance milling applications.


The G series is the best 5 axis simultaneous machining center in the market.

“Axile is agile, smart machining,
featuring high speed, high quality,
and amazing performance,
at a very competitive price

The Industries' Best Kept Secret No More

New to the US Market, but not new to the world. Axile is one of the leading machine tools in 5 axis and 3 axis technologies in Europe & Asia. High Quality, Accuracy and Engineering, have propelled Axile to the front of the pack. Contact us today to find out more.