Axile G6 Compact 5 Axis Vertical Machining Center With Turning Stock# 219949

Axile G6 Compact 5 Axis Vertical Machining Center With Turning

Axile G6 COMPACT 5 Axis CNC Vertical Machining Center With Turning


Year of Mfg: 2018


*Brand New Machine*


CNC Control: HEIDENHAIN TNC640 CNC Controller




X x Y x Z travels: 25" x 29" x 19"

Max.feedrate: 1,417ipm

Table size (dia.): 23.62"

Max.table load: 1,100lbs.

Max.part dia./height: 24 /21"

A range (swiveling): +/-120deg.

C (rotary): 360 deg.

Max. speed A (swiveling): 80rpm

Max. speed C (rotary): 1,500rpm

Built-in spindle: 20,000rpm

Spindle Taper: HSK-A63 Taper

Spindle power: 33/46HP

Spindle torque: 87/135ft.lbs.

Automatic Tool Changer: 60 positions

Max. tool length: 11.81"

Max. tool diameter:    2.95"

(with adjacent pot empty): 4.92"

Max. tool weight: 17 lbs.

Positioning accuracy: 0.0003"

Repeatability: 0.00019"





Double Driving System in Y Axis (Gantry)

High Pressure Chip Flash System

Chip Conveyor (chain type) Under The Table w/o Chip Bucket

CTS 20bar separate type with paper filter and coolant chiller


Automatic Roof For Overhead Crane Loading

Air Conditioner for Electrical Cabinet

High-Pressure Wash Down

LED 3-Color Lamp of Cycle Finish

EMC + Safety Module for CE Regulations

Optional 20,000 RPM HSK-A63 Spindle (Installed)

Oil Mist Recycle Unit For Built In Spindle

Heidenhain DCM (Dynamic Collision Monitoring)

SMT Smart Machining Technology:

TPC Tool Tip Positioning Control (Thermal Sensor)

SVS Spindle Vibration Supervision

Linear Scales For 3 Axis

Oil Skimmer

Coolant Gun

Reference Ball

Heidenhain Workpiece Probe TS-740+SE-640

Hedienhain Kinematic OPT

BLUM Tool Setter System NT-H3D (for mill turning)