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Amada LCG 3015 CNC Laser Stock# 219904

Amada LCG 3015 CNC Laser

3,500 Watt Amada LCG 3015 CNC CO2 Laser


Year of Mfg: 2014



Motion Package: LCG3015 – 121” x 61.0” Table

Laser Resonator: Fanuc Model AF3500i-C

CNC Controller: AMNC-F

Chiller Cooler: Orion or equivalent


Travel Method: Stationary table, X, Y and Z-axis movement for cutting


Control Method: X, Y and Z simultaneous 3 axis control

Drive Motors: Fanuc AC servo motors


Maximum Sheet Size: 60” (Y) x 120” (X)

Maximum Axis Travel: 61.0” (Y) x 121” (X) x 3.93” (Z)

Maximum Axis Positioning Speed: (X, Y) 4,724 ipm

Maximum Speed Z-Axis: 4,724 ipm


Maximum Material Weight: 2,000 lbs.

Assist Gas: 4 ports with NC pressure Control

Electrical Requirements: 200V, 3 Phase, 60Hz



Model: Fanuc AF3500

Resonator Style: Solid State RF Excited, Fast Axial Flow CO2.

CW Output Power: 3500W

Peak Output Power: 3500W

Laser Power Mode Selection: CW, Gated Pulse (CNC Controlled)


Equipped With:



Farr Gold Series Dust Collector

Shuttle Table

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