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Amada HFE 1303S Press Brake 143 Ton x 10' Stock# 220096

Amada HFE 1303-s Press Brake 

143 Ton Amada HFE 1303 CNC Hydraulic Press Brake


Year of Mfg: 2003


Capacity: 143 Tons

Overall Bending Length: 123.6"

Distance between Housings: 106"

Stroke: 7.8"

Open Height: 18.5"


Approach: 7.87 IPS

Form: 0.787 IPS

Return: 7.87 IPS


Overall Dimensions 165" L x x100" W x 111" H

Overall Weight (approx.): 18,651 lbs.


Equipped With:

Operatuer Control

Set of Punch Holders

Electronic Foot Pedal

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