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Adira GHS-0630 Hydraulic Plate Shear Stock# 219851

Adira GHS-0630 Hydraulic Plate Shear

1/4" x 10' Adira GHS-0630 Hydraulic Shear 


Year of Mfg: 1994 


Shearing capacity: 1/4" x 10’ mild steel 

Blade rake angle: 1-1/2 degree (fixed) 

Blade gap adjustment: (12) .002” to .043” 

Number of hold downs: 16 Gap: 13-1/2” 


Approximate dimensions: 140” x 68” x 69” 

Approximate weight: 12,350 lbs 


Equipped with: 12 HP main motor, 240 volt, 3 ph 29” front operated power back gauge without readout, Single and continuous operation, Shadow light, Manual blade gap adjustment, Swing beam design, Electric variable shearing blade stroke, Foot pedal, (3) bed filler plates 45” squaring arm

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